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Temporary fencing gate is alwayse used together with the standard temporary fences together to make a economcial fence choice.

Chain link temporary fencing is quite popular in the American markets due to its easy installation and modern appearance.

Material: Low carbon steel wire
Wire: 2.5mm-5.0mm
Mesh: 50*100mm,75*150mm, etc.
Panel: 1.8×2.1m,1.8×2.4m,2.1×2.4m,2.1 x 2.9m,etc
Tube: 32mm,38mm,40mm,42mm,48 mm etc.
Accessories: plastic feet, clips, nuts and bolts.
Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanized
Packaging: pallets
Certificates: ISO9001, BV,SGS
Canada temporary fence is the temporary fence for the Canada Market. Compared with the Australia temporary fence, it is more sturdy and durable.
Cattle panels is the panles mainly for the cattle breeding. It's made from oval steel tubes and square posts.
Horse panels is the livesotck panels specially designed for the horses. It's made from steel round tubes and square posts tubes. 
Sheep panels is a kind of livestock panels. It is made from oval steel tubes and square tubes. It is widely used in big farms around the world
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Gabion Mattress

Gabion mattress has a flat structure, a lot lower than gabion basket. Division plates separate the mattress into several small chambers. Each chamber is filled with stones before used. Triangle, rectangle or trapezoid mattress is provided on special order.

Gabion mattress are hexagonal nets woven by high-quality low-carbon steel wires or surface-coated pvc machines. They are mainly used for slope protection, riverbed bottom anti-scouring, and so on.

Gabion Mattress are also called gabion pads. Gabion pads refer to a cushion-shaped engineering component composed of a machine-woven twisted hexagonal metal mesh surface whose thickness is much smaller than the length and width. Reynolds cushions are filled with block stones and other fillers and then connected into one body, becoming an anti-scouring structure mainly used for water conservancy dikes, bank slopes, sea floods, etc., with the advantages of flexibility and adaptability to foundations.

Gabion mattress is a cage structure with a thickness of 0.17-0.3m, which is used to fill stones on site. Mainly used as a slope protection structure for river courses, bank slopes, and subgrade slopes. It can not only prevent the river bank from being damaged by water currents, wind and waves, but also realize the natural convection exchange function between the water body and the soil under the slope, and achieve ecological balance. Planting green on the slope can add landscape and greening effects.

The difference between Renault pads and Gabion cages and gabion cages is that the height of the pads is lower, and the structure is flat and large; the diameter of the coated steel wire is smaller than that of the Gabion, and generally has double partitions (wire diameter 2.0mm), Two kinds of single partition (2.2mm). The commonly used double-baffle Renault cushions have the advantages of convenient construction, slope protection can effectively prevent the collapse of stones, and increase the erosion resistance of the structure.


  • Perfect permeation;

  • Easy installation and low cost

  • Corrosive resistance in wet environments

  • Friendly to the environment


  • River bed 

  • Slop, embankment protection

  • Landscape green area


  • Material: Electro galvanized wire,Hot-galvanized wire, PVC coated wire 

  • Filler line diameter: 2mm- 4mm

  • Edge wire diameter: 2.5 mm-5mm

  • Binding wire: 2.2mm

  • Tensile strength: not less than 400N/mm2

  • Hole size: 60x80mm, 80×100mm, 80×120mm, 120×150mm

Gabion mattress

Gabion mattress

Gabion mattress

1. Improve the stability of the river bed slope

2. Protect the riverbed from scour

3. Provide the predetermined value of the river bank roughness coefficient (m)

4. Greening and ecological protection of slope protection and bank protection

5. Convenient construction

(1) Galvanized steel wire: high-quality low-carbon steel wire, the diameter of the steel wire is 2.0MM-4.0MM, the tensile strength of the steel wire is not less than 380Mpa, the surface of the steel wire is protected by hot-dip galvanizing, and the thickness of the galvanized protective layer is according to customer requirements Production, the maximum galvanizing amount can reach 300g/m2.

(2) Zinc-5% aluminum-mixed rare earth alloy steel wire: (also called Galfan) steel wire, which is an emerging new material in the world in recent years, and its corrosion resistance is traditional pure galvanized steel More than 3 times, the diameter of the steel wire can reach 1.0MM-3.0MM, and the tensile strength of the steel wire is not less than 1380Mpa.

(3) Galvanized steel wire includes: high-quality low-carbon steel wire, covered with a PVC protective layer on the surface of the steel wire, and then woven into various specifications of hexagonal nets. This layer of PVC protective layer will greatly increase the protection in the high pollution environment, and through the choice of different colors, it can be integrated with the surrounding environment.

1) Aperture: 60*80mm, 80*100mm, 80*120mm, 100*120mm, 120*150mm

The length of the double-wire twisted part shall not be less than 50mm. In order to ensure that the metal coating and PVC coating of the twisted part of the steel wire are not damaged.

(2) Wire diameter: There are three wire diameters for gabion nets-mesh wire, edge wire, and tie wire

1. The range of mesh wire is 2mm-4mm 2. The side wire is generally larger than the mesh wire, and the thickness is 0.5mm-1mm

3. The tie wire is generally smaller than the mesh wire, and the common one is 2.2mm.

(3) Wire tension: not less than 38kg/m2 380N/mm

(4) Surface treatment

1. Electro-galvanized. The maximum amount of zinc is 10g/m2. Poor corrosion resistance

2. Hot-dip galvanizing. The maximum amount of zinc can reach 300g/m2. Strong corrosion resistance

3. Galfan (zinc aluminum alloy). This is divided into two materials, zinc-5% aluminum-mixed rare earth alloy steel wire, and zinc-10% aluminum mixed rare earth alloy steel wire. Super anti-corrosion

4. PVC coated. The thickness of the plastic coating is generally 1.0mm, for example: 3.7mm after 2.7mm is wrapped. Strong corrosion resistance

(5) Partition: add a partition for every meter in the length of the gabion net

(6) Size: can be customized

(7) The range of aperture and wire diameter compared

1. Material transportation: Gabion Mattress are manufactured by machinery and are assembled, compression molded, and packaged with the net cover when they leave the factory. All Renault pads, whether folded, banded or rolled, are an independent body. The net mat is folded and compressed in the factory to facilitate shipping and handling. The main part of the net mat and the net cover can be tied separately. The tie wire is provided in roll form. The ring buttons are packed in a box and shipped away. To ensure the quality, please put them in a dry environment.

2. Installation requirements: Place the folded gabion pads on a flat ground to unfold, flatten the excess creases, and erect the front and rear panels, bottom plates, and partitions to a certain position, forming a box shape. The upper and lower four corners of the adjacent net cages are connected by double-stranded composite wires, the upper and lower frame wires or folded wires are tied and twisted with spiral fixing wires to tighten the connection. The protruding part of the edge needs to be folded and flattened. Assemble the six sides and partitions of each cage completely, make sure that each net surface is flat, and then place it in the correct position.

3. Fastening process: Connect the edge of the gabion mattress with other parts with tie wires. The maximum spacing of the lashing is 300mm. There are special specifications. The customer can ask the factory to meet your needs. Wrap a long enough binding wire along the edge wire, you can choose single-strand or double-strand. We recommend to assemble with pliers to make the gabion mattress stronger.

4. Installation and materials: After each pad is installed, put the gabion mattress in the designated position, and then connect the net pads. In order to maintain the overall structure and facilitate the connection, the empty box can be connected and then filled with stones. When connecting, we provide tie wires or loop fastening wires. When protecting the slope, a Renault pad that is perpendicular to the slope body is required. In addition to being used on gentle slopes of river channels, gabion mattress cushions can also be used on steep slopes. When used for steep slope protection, hardwood wedges should be wedged on the upper bottom plate every 2m or according to engineering needs. Empty Renault pads need to be carefully placed and assembled.

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