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Temporary fencing gate is alwayse used together with the standard temporary fences together to make a economcial fence choice.

Chain link temporary fencing is quite popular in the American markets due to its easy installation and modern appearance.

Material: Low carbon steel wire
Wire: 2.5mm-5.0mm
Mesh: 50*100mm,75*150mm, etc.
Panel: 1.8×2.1m,1.8×2.4m,2.1×2.4m,2.1 x 2.9m,etc
Tube: 32mm,38mm,40mm,42mm,48 mm etc.
Accessories: plastic feet, clips, nuts and bolts.
Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanized
Packaging: pallets
Certificates: ISO9001, BV,SGS
Canada temporary fence is the temporary fence for the Canada Market. Compared with the Australia temporary fence, it is more sturdy and durable.
Cattle panels is the panles mainly for the cattle breeding. It's made from oval steel tubes and square posts.
Horse panels is the livesotck panels specially designed for the horses. It's made from steel round tubes and square posts tubes. 
Sheep panels is a kind of livestock panels. It is made from oval steel tubes and square tubes. It is widely used in big farms around the world
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Black Binding Wire

Black binding wire is the annealed wire that is made from Q195 low carbon steel wires. It is widely used in the construction areas.

Annealed wire for civil construction:

Annealed wire is made from Q195 low carbon steel wires and is always packed in coils. It is widely used in construction areas. Compared with other iron wires, it will accept an extra production process - annealing. This makes it quite soft and easy to be used as the binding wires.

Package: coils, plastic inside and woven bag outside.

The annealing of bare wire (wire which has simply been drawn) can be carried out in batches (bell-type furnace) or in line (in-line furnace).

Annealed wire is stored in coils or spools of a varying weights and dimensions depending on the purposes for which it is intended and the needs of clients. The product does not usually have any type of protective lining, paper or plastic. We offer two kinds of annealed wire, bright annealed and black annealed wire. Black annealed wire gets its name from its plain black color.

Soft annealed wire offers excellent flexibility and softness through the process of oxygen free annealing.

Packing: Spools, coils.
Wire Materials: Iron wire or carbon steel wire.
Wire Diameters: Similar to galvanized iron wire, from 5mm to 0.15mm (wire gauge 6# to 38#).
Uses: Black annealed wire is mainly processed into coil wire, spool wire or big package wire. Or further straightened and cut into cut wire and U type wire. Annealed wire is used as tie wire or baling wire in building, parks and daily binding.


BABW-01: Black Annealed Binding Wire 1


BABW-02: Black Annealed Binding Wire 2


BABW-03: Black Annealed Binding Wire 3


BABW-04: Black Annealed Binding Wire 4


BABW-05: Black Annealed Binding Wire Coil with Plastic Film Package


BABW-06: Black Annealed Binding Wire Warehouse


BABW-07: Black Annealed Binding Wire Inside with Plastic Film and Outside with Hessian Package


BABW-08: Black Annealed Binding Wire delivery

Black steel wire specifications:

  1. Wire diameter: 3.3 mm / 3.5 mm / 3.75 mm / 5 mm.

  2. Weight of each coil: 200 kg.

  3. Inside diameter of each coil: 476 mm.

  4. Packing: Weaving bags and Plastic.

  5. Yield Point: 320 N/mm2.

  6. Tensile Strength: 480 N/mm2.

  7. Elongation: 33% (Note: 5.5 mm wire rod before wire drawling).

  8. Elongation: 5-6% (Note: Diameter 3.3 mm wire rod drawling).

  9. Chemical: Carbon: 0.09% Si: 0.17% Mn: 0.57% P: 0.024% S: 0.02%.

Black annealed wire and twist wire specifications:

  1. Black annealed wire:

    • Diameter: 1.15 mm.

    • Tensile strength: 36.1 kg/mm2, 36.4 kg/mm2.

    • Elongation: 24%.

    • Packing: 4.8 kg × 5 /coil / internal diameter 23 cm, outer diameter 34 cm.

  2. Twisted wires:

    • Diameter: 1.16 mm.

    • Tensile strength: 40.9 kg/mm2, 39.4 kg/mm2.

    • Elongation: 25%.

    • Packing: 4.6 kg × 5 than 11 coil make one bundle internal diameter of coil: 37 cm, outer diameter 47 cm.

Black annealed binding wire specification:

  • Thickness: 1.00 mm.

  • Width: 3/4".

  • Technical: cooled rolled.

  • Surface treatment: polished.

  • Application: construction.

  • Color: bright.

Black annealed binding wire.
Material: Q195.
Weight: 25 kg/coils.
Wire grade: BWG16, BWG18, BWG20.

Black Annealed Wire 2.9 mm, 25 kg/coil.
Packaging: PVC inside, hessian cloth outside.
10 coils/bundle secured with 4 nos steel straps.
Specs: Tensile strength 350 n/mm2 (Very soft, annealing for 9 hours).
Covered with oil for anti rusting.

Soft black annealed wire specifications as following:

  • Surface Finish: Bright.

  • Surface Finish: (Shiny).

  • Diameter: 1.6 mm (+/- 0.05 mm).

  • Coil Weight: 20 kg per coil (+/- 2 kg).

  • Coil Inner Diameter: 15 cm (+2 cm / -2 cm).

  • Coil Outside Diameter: 26 cm (+2 cm / -2 cm).

  • Packing: Shrink wrapped inside, inner PVC strips with outer weaving cloth and oiled.

Soft Black Annealed Binding Wire
Wire Diameter Strength Packing Weight Application
0.16 mm - 0.6 mm 30-40 kg Coils or spools 2-100 kgs Binding wire for Christmas trees
0.6 mm - 5.0 mm 30-40 kg Big package 100-800 kgs
0.16 mm - 0.6 mm 60-70 kg Coils or spools 2-100 kgs
0.6 mm - 5.0 mm 60-70 kg Big package 100-800 kgs


BABW-09: Black annealed wire with plastic film package.


BABW-10: Black annealed wire coils.

20 swg black Annealed Wire and 18 swg Electro galvanized wire

  1. 20 swg Black Annealed Wire (Oiled) in net packing. The wire bundles shall be tightly & securely packed using thick plastic film inside & woven cloth (Yellow or Orange colour) outside.

  2. Galvanized Wire shall be supplied with a guaranteed Zinc coating of 12-15 g/m2. The surface of Galvanized Wire shall be free from any yellow / black spots on account of any manufacturing process. There shall be no signs of rust or zinc coating peeling off under any circumstances.

  3. The Chemical results/properties of the wire shall have Carbon (C) % - 0.13% (Maximum), Manganese (Mn) - 0.30 to 0.60%, Sulphur (S) – 0.050% (Maximum) & Phosphorus (P) - 0.050% (Maximum).

  4. The thickness tolerance shall not exceed ± 0.02 mm for 20 swg wire & ± 0.03 mm for 18 swg wire.

  5. The Tensile strength of Black Annealed wire / Galvanized Steel Wire shall be in the range of 350-500 Mpa.

  6. The wire shall withstand, without breaking or splitting being wrapped eight times round its own diameter and subsequently straightened.

  7. The wire should be cleanly drawn & shall be free from splits, surface flaws, rough jagged and imperfect edges and other harmful surface defects. The finished product shall be free from Rust & Dust.

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