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Temporary fencing gate is alwayse used together with the standard temporary fences together to make a economcial fence choice.

Chain link temporary fencing is quite popular in the American markets due to its easy installation and modern appearance.

Material: Low carbon steel wire
Wire: 2.5mm-5.0mm
Mesh: 50*100mm,75*150mm, etc.
Panel: 1.8×2.1m,1.8×2.4m,2.1×2.4m,2.1 x 2.9m,etc
Tube: 32mm,38mm,40mm,42mm,48 mm etc.
Accessories: plastic feet, clips, nuts and bolts.
Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanized
Packaging: pallets
Certificates: ISO9001, BV,SGS
Canada temporary fence is the temporary fence for the Canada Market. Compared with the Australia temporary fence, it is more sturdy and durable.
Cattle panels is the panles mainly for the cattle breeding. It's made from oval steel tubes and square posts.
Horse panels is the livesotck panels specially designed for the horses. It's made from steel round tubes and square posts tubes. 
Sheep panels is a kind of livestock panels. It is made from oval steel tubes and square tubes. It is widely used in big farms around the world
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Chain Link Temporary Fencing

Chain link temporary fencing is quite popular in the American markets due to its easy installation and modern appearance.


Chain link temporary fence is a kind of temporary fence made from chain link mesh and steel tubes. Its main difference is that its mesh panels is made from chain link meshes. As the chain link mesh is made through woven techniques and need less materials. So it’s more economical than the other welded temporary fencing.

Regarding the surface treatment, it’s hot dipped galvanized and then PVC coated. This makes it good at anti-rust and can enjoy a longer service life.

As to its feet, it’s made from steel tubes through welding techniques. Compared with the other connector solutions, it’s more stable and sturdy.

Its main market is in the American and Australia market. And every month, we have several containers to markets there.


CLTF-1: Small size chain link temporary fencing can be installed with metal stand and is easy to remove.


CLTF-2: Large size chain link temporary fence with reinforced pipes at infilled mesh will be stable.


CLTF-3: The galvanized chain link temporary fencing has good corrosion resistance and is durable.


  • Easy and quick installation. Same with the other temporary fencing products, it’s also quite easy to install. Two persons will be enough to handle this work. They just need to connect the different panels with the prepared feet.

  • Long service life. With quality chain link mesh and high tensile steel wires. the mesh can resit the impact from outside and enjoy a long service life.

  • Anti-rust. Its surface treatment is hot dipped galvanized. The thick zinc coating makes it good at anti-rust and anti-water.

Chain link temporary fencing

MaterialLow carbon steel
Surface treatmentHot-dipped galvanized or PVC coated
Zinc thickness42 micros
Wire diameter2-5 mm
Mesh size50 mm × 50 mm, 60 mm × 60 mm, 70 mm × 70 mm, etc.
H × L2.1 m × 2.4 m (regular size), 1.8 m × 2.4 m, 1.8 m × 2.9 m, 2.25 m × 2.4 m, 2.1 m × 2.6 m, 2.1 m × 3.3 m
Outside & reinforced pipe25 mm, 32 mm,38 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm, 48 mm
Pipe thickness2.0 mm, 2.2 mm, 2.3 mm, 2.5 mm, 2.75 mm, etc.
FeetSquare type metal feet, flat steel feet.
PackagePackaged with plastic film and steel pallet.

The chain link temporary fence is used in many areas:

  • Crowd control

  • Traffic control in the roads

  • Simple security protection in factory, warehouse or other areas.

  • Temporary events.

  • Sport events


CLTF-4: Chain link temporary fencing used as the barrier in public, like parking lot and road.


CLTF-5: Chain link temporary fencing can be used as the safety barrier in construction sites.


CLTF-6: Chain link temporary fencing with shade cloth can stop the dust.

The panels will be packed in the pallets.

The feet will be packed in the pallets

The accessorie will be packed in the cartons.

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