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Steel Picket Fence for Application

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Steel picket fence is widely used in our production and life due to its beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, reliable performance and long service life. It  is also an excellent choice for residential, commercial and many other places.

The galvanized steel picket fencing is assembled, and its biggest feature is that it is easy to install. There are two types of columns: with base and without base. When assembling, the horizontal pipes and the vertical pipes are locked and fixed by the fixing accessories to enhance the stability of the fence surface.

Application of steel pickets:

✔ Steel picket fence panels can be widely used in residential quarters, villas, schools, factories, commercial and entertainment venues, airports, stations, municipal engineering, landscaping projects and other places.

✔ From the perspective of practical application scenarios, steel picket fence can be applied to various places such as balconies, air conditioners, windows, green belts, roads, and walls.

✔ In terms of garden architecture, the isolation of lawns, flower beds, landscapes, etc. in park scenic spots.

✔ The barriers of our city roads and highways.

✔ Isolation and enclosure of schools, factories, venues and other places.

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