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How To Install The Steel Picket Fence?

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The installation of steel picket fence is mainly divided into the installation of steel picket fence columns, horizontal bars and vertical bars. Generally, steel picket fencing is divided into those with bases and those without bases. Those with bases are directly driven into the ground with expansion screws to fix the columns. If there is no base, you need to punch holes in the cement floor with a punch to pour the column into the ground.

How to fix the cross bar and vertical bar of steel pickets, and what are the fixing accessories?

The fixing accessories of the fence surface of the steel picket fences are selected according to the punching shape of the standpipe. Generally, the punching shape of the standpipe has a "convex" shape, a round hole type (double round hole), a strip shape, and a "convex" word. The type is locked with a card pad, which is divided into upper and lower parts. The round hole type and the bar type are fixed by spring clips. The spring clips used for different holes are different, and the selection is based on the actual situation. No matter what kind of fixing accessories, the principle is the same, that is, the horizontal pipe and the vertical pipe are locked and fixed by the clip to enhance the stability of the fence surface.

During the installation process of picket fences, you should take care that the surface of the steel picket fences should not be scratched by sharp objects, so as not to affect the use effect.

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