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Chain Link Fence

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Chain link fence, is also known as stadium fence, diamond mesh, hook wire mesh, galvanized chain link fence, plastic-coated chain link fence, that is a new type of fence product specially designed for stadiums. The chain link fence is made of low carbon steel wire braided and welded, and has the characteristics of high body size and strong anti-climbing ability.

Chain link fence characteristics: Uniform mesh, flat mesh surface, simple weaving, crocheted, beautiful and generous, high-quality mesh, wider mesh, thicker wire diameter, not easy to corrode, long life, practical powerful.


Advantages of chain link fence:

It has anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sun, weather resistance, bright color, flat mesh surface, strong tension, not easy to be impacted and deformed by external force, on-site construction and installation, and strong flexibility (the shape and size can be adjusted at any time according to on-site requirements).

Safety chain link fence application:

Widely used in road, railway, highway and other fence facilities.

Protection of machinery and equipment, highway guardrails, stadium fences, road green belt protection nets.

Construction site fence, river, slope fixed soil (rock), residential safety protection, etc.

For interior decoration, raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo enclosures.


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