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Advantages of Chain Link Fence

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The chain link fences are kind of elastic woven mesh, which are simple weaving, beautiful and practical. The mesh body itsel is elastic, can buffer the impact of external force, and all parts are dipped, and no welding is required for on-site combined installation.

Chain link fence  has good corrosion resistance and is the ideal choice for basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts and venues that are often impacted by external forces.

Material: The common materials of the Chain link fencing are stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire, and pvc wire.


Features of Chain link fence:

Streamlined appearance: transparent, beautiful, simple, stylish and elegant style;

Strong toughness, stable structure, long time of use, and no maintenance

It has stronger tensile and anti-collision capabilities, and also demonstrates its anti-theft function.

Adequate pre-treatment and unique high-temperature electrostatic PVC spraying process, the plastic layer is evenly distributed, and the surface feels smoother.

It has self-cleaning ability under normal environment, anti-ultraviolet, no cracking and aging, no rust and oxidation, no maintenance!

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