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What role can temporary fences play in construction sites?

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What role can temporary fences play in construction sites?

First of all, installing temporary fences at the construction site can play a role in safety. Setting up fences is convenient for pedestrians and vehicles to identify the driving road, and immediately slow down near the fence to avoid traffic accidents caused by some vehicles driving too slowly. In addition, it is difficult for the construction party to isolate the pollution.

Garbage and dust pollution will be generated during the construction process. However, after the construction fence is isolated, it can accurately reduce the wanton spread of dust pollution, control the pollution of the environment and urban air during construction, and facilitate the cleaning work of the final construction party.

In addition to safety, the temporary enclosure on site also played a durable role. Whether in the city or in the countryside, the setting of this kind of wall can reflect the tidy, unified and disorderly impact on the urban landscape. In the last period, the advertisements and graffiti on the building enclosure not only played a durable role, but the building enclosure can be seen everywhere in the city. We can see the advertisements on the building fence. Temporary enclosures are also conducive to environmental protection. If it is a steel fence, it can be reused instead of a one-time fence.

Now, do you have some understanding of the role of temporary fences on construction sites? Such fences need to be set up in key construction areas to isolate and promote slow traffic, which is beneficial to construction parties or pedestrians and vehicles. Touching reminder: It is recommended to pay attention to slow down when encountering key construction areas to protect your own safety.

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