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The main features of double-sided wire fence

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The main features of double-sided wire fence

This time we will introduce double-sided wire fence for you, in life it is also known for using as Australia Temporary Fence,Temporary Fence Gate

1. The product structure is simple and less materials are used, so the project cost is low;

2. Very convenient for long-distance transportation;

3. The bottom of the fence is integrated with the brick-concrete wall, which effectively overcomes the weakness of the net's insufficient rigidity and enhances the protection performance;

4. The installation is not affected by the terrain, especially suitable for hilly areas;

5. High-efficiency anti-corrosion and long service life. The main market is golf courses/ski resorts, fences, mountain development, protection, planting, agricultural development zones, fence roads, traffic closures, and temporary use of fence nets.

The double-sided wire fence is a welded mesh protected by three layers of galvanizing, pre-coating primer and high-adhesion powder spraying, which has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and anti-ultraviolet for a long time. The surface treatment of this fence net is galvanized and spray-coated, or one of them can be selected, and the top end is covered with a plastic cover or a rainproof cap. Depending on the environment and the installation method, you can choose to embed 50cm, add a base, etc. Connect the mesh and posts of the frame fence net with screws and various special plastic or iron clips. All screws are automatically anti-theft. The accessories used can also be designed according to the specific requirements of customers.

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