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Temporary Fencing:Crowd Control Barriers in Public Places

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In the face of the severe situation of the epidemic, the city's major supermarkets, transportation hubs, and other densely populated places have continuously implemented epidemic prevention and control work. In order to ensure the safety of people's daily life and travel, the use of crowd control barriers should be both orderly and fast. And conscientiously do a good job in nucleic acid testing to reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic.

crowd control barrier

Entertainment and other public places must strictly wear masks and measure body temperature. Take measures such as ventilation and disinfection. Set up crowd control barriers at exit passages where people gather to divert the flow of people. And facility guardrails block some entrances and exits to control the density of people.

crowd control barrier

A crowd control barrier is a kind of temporary fencing products, and it is also a common flow diversion facility in our life. Crowd control barriers are usually used in crowded areas such as queuing. During the epidemic, you can quickly move to set up isolation areas. The main function of crowd control barriers is to maintain order.

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