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How to feed dogs correctly in the dog kennel?

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How to feed dogs correctly in the dog kennel?

It is a headache that you choose to let your puppies be in dog kennels or not. If they are free-range, they will piss and urinate randomly. It will be very troublesome to clean up. The puppies are caged at home, which can restore the dog's sense of security from an early age and establish a correct concept of dogs.

1. Adapt to the dog kennel

First of all, we need to choose a suitable dog kennel, which is usually one or two times the size of the dog. It is necessary to make your dogs adapt to dog kennel. You need feed in the dog kennel, so that the dog knows when it enters, there will be delicious food in the cage, and also you can put some toys, let the dog fall in love with playing in the cage.

2. Don’t use the dog kennel as a punishment tool

Don’t put the dog in kennels when the dog makes a mistake. You put in dog cage if dog makes a mistake, which will cause unnecessary trouble for the later kennel raising.

3. The time in the kennels and out of kennels

The length of kennels is a concern for all pets. At the beginning, the puppy is only allowed to come out for a while, for about 10-20 minutes in the morning or evening. In addition, it should not be too long, otherwise the dog will not like to stay in the cage.

4. Reduce Separation Anxiety

Dogs raised in small kennels have a stable personality, will not be separated from anxiety, will not bark for no reason, will only bark when they have needs, and will only play quietly by themselves when the owner leaves.

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