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How to choose a reliable construction fence during the construction site?

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We should all have seen construction fences in construction sites. Construction building fences are made of iron pipes, which are made by bending, welding, grinding, high-pressure painting, and coating processing of seamless iron pipes. They are generally widely used in the isolation and early warning of construction sites.

The construction building fence is a large welded mesh with a protective door mesh on the upper part. The mesh is made of galvanized steel wire and is treated with pvc coating. While protecting the appearance, it ensures the firmness and durability to a large extent.

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So, how to choose a reliable construction fence in the construction site? This requires you to know the standards for setting up the construction fence on the construction site.

The specific setting standards for construction fences on the construction site are:

1. Continuous and airtight fences should be set up around the construction site according to regulations; safety protection facilities should also be set up for multi-storey and high-rise buildings.

2. The height of the fences set up on the main urban road sections and city landscape roads, airports, docks, and station squares shall not be lower than 2.5m, and the height of fences set up on other road sections shall not be lower than 1.8m.

3. The materials used for the fence should ensure that the fence is stable, clean and beautiful. On the construction site of municipal engineering projects, fences can be set up in sections according to the progress of the project or uniform continuous fence facilities can be used according to regulations.

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