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Do you understand the origin of fences?

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The interpretation of the word fence can go back to its origin. In ancient times, the fence was mainly surrounded by wooden sticks or fences. At first, it was an obstacle for raising various livestock, and later it gradually became a kind of enclosure. It is said that fences in the true sense originated in Europe and mainly appeared around noble buildings such as castles, palaces, and manors, and the materials were mainly made of iron. Later, as the times changed, it was gradually widely used by the general public.

In ancient country, the earliest prototype of the fence was made of relatively cheap materials such as wood, bamboo, stone, and soil, and it mainly played the role of blocking the passage of people or animals. Secondly, it is also usually used around vegetable gardens and yards for protection and wind protection. Up to now, with the continuous improvement of people's aesthetics and requirements, fences often appear in different materials in our lives, and have a very wide range of uses and meanings.

At present, the common fence materials on the market mainly include iron art, zinc steel, aluminum alloy, aluminum art and so on. In recent years, fences and guardrails made of aluminum art have become more popular among consumers. The reason is that the material is durable, easy to maintain, and the style is novel and changeable, and can be customized according to user needs, which not only avoids the limitations of the manufacturing process, but also greatly increases aesthetics. Under the premise that the safety performance is guaranteed, it is more in line with the use and aesthetic needs of contemporary young people.

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