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Convenient and helpful chicken coop for your recommendation

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Convenient and helpful chicken coop for your recommendation

There are many advantages of chicken coop for chicken raising, and you need pay attention to the following points and matters in the process of chicken coop raising:

1, reasonable feeding density: although using chicken coop can be raised with density relatively large, but farmers can not blindly put lots of chickens, which also should be according to different specifications and types of reasonable quantity distribution, if the feeding density exceeds the number of chicken coops, then which will limit the activities of chickens, thus it affects growth and development. Besides, too much will also affect the air quality of chicken coop and the service life of chicken coop, causing chickens to bully the weak, peck each other. Therefore, farmers should make reasonable adjustments in time according to the growth stage of the chickens.

2. Do a good ventilation: the feeding density of chicken coops is larger than that of flat chicken coops, so the feces, oxygen and other harmful gases produced are relatively also very large. Therefore, farmers must do a good ventilation in the process of breeding very timely and effectively to discharge harmful gases, making the fresh air into the chicken coop, and keeping the humidity suitable.  

3. Reduce the labor intensity of farmers, if you use flat farming, it will not only cause small number of breeding, but also the farmer can not manage well alone. But chicken coops is very helpful for managing lots of chickens very conveniently.

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